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SLX-D Hermetic (Single Sliding Only) SLX-D Hermetic (Single Sliding Only)
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The Gilgen SLX-D Hermetic automatic door operator offers both hygiene and sound insulation, a prerequisite in areas such as hospitals and laboratories

The Gilgen SLX-D Hermetic with its patented pivoting mechanism, prevents unwanted exchange of air (class2) as well as the penetration of foreign particles.

The automatic single slide model SLX-D Hermetic door operator and door as supplied by Access Entry Pty Ltd are to be electrically approved for 230/240v, fully housed in an extruded aluminium housing of Height 180mm x Width 200mm and must comply with all BCA requirements for automatic door operators .These operators in conjunction with Gilgen patented pivoting mechanism must be tested and conform to air permeability Class 2 (EN12207) as a minimum.

The equipment shall incorporate the following features

  • Drive - Super-torque H section steel reinforced timing belt design
  • Motor - Continuously rated, brush-less heavy duty DC motor, capable of 24 hour operation with power consumption of 100w and carry a minimum two year warranty.
  • Door Weights – Maximum weight being 200kg.
  • Gear Box - Self Lubricating fully sealed maintenance free gearbox. Minimum two year warranty.
  • Track – Replaceable long life, for whisper quiet operation.
  • Actuation & Safety – Integrated “Combi Scan” combination Radar & Infrared sensors for maximum safety/protection with “Side Scan” presence sensors where necessary.
  • Controller - Solid state automatic self-learning microprocessor controller with Safety reverse/stop with delay including low speed, continuous retry after obstruction, prior to resuming normal operation.
  • Standard Interface ability - Security, FIP, BMS.
  • Monitored battery backed failsafe. As per BCA Regulations, doors drive fully open automatically on power failure/fire alarm (integration by others). Failsafe must consists of: Auto Mode will provide up to ½ hour of continuous operation, Lock Mode will provide up to 200 operations or up to 3 days secure locking. Doors automatically return to original function mode when power resumes or fire signal is deactivated.
  • Door Type – “Standard” Air Permeability (Class 2 – EN12207) Sound Protection up to 32 dB
    Natural anodized aluminium frame with optional Formica-high pressure laminate or polished stainless steel fascia
  • Window Glass Options: 2 x 6 mm for flush mounting , 6 mm safety glass, 9 mm safety glass
  • Window Frame (Anodised Aluminium) Options: Single frame, Double frame, wall thickness 70-600mm
  • Optional X-ray shielding: lead insert and or special 9 mm Safety Glass for flush mounting
  • Locking
    Electric locking – selectable option, of Failsafe or Fail-Secure Inc. P2 Egress button
  • Special entry
    Large optical push buttons
    Card reader (by security contractor)
    Swipe Card (by security contractors)
  • Control Functions
    Standard- SK4- four position security key switch (can be master keyed by client).
    Optional – M4 four position rotary switch/selector
  • Warranties – Access Entry/Gilgen SLX-D Hermetic Door Operator is to be covered by a two (2) year parts and twelve (12) month labour warranty.
  • Maintenance- The operator is to be safety inspected and maintained in accordance with AS5007-2007, i.e. three periodic log book entries per annum, by qualified technicians. Contact 1800 555 900 for safety/service programme.
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