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Gilgen FD20 Automatic Swing Door Operator Gilgen FD20 Automatic Swing Door Operator

As a leading automatic door manufacturer and distributor across Australia, Access Entry offers products specifically designed to suit the Australian market for both functionality and safety. Our automatic swing door solutions are designed around our Gilgen FD20 operator.

  • General Overview

The FD 20 automatic door operator has proven to be both flexible and durable for a range of applications when automatic swing door is required.

The shutting movement uses energy stored in the spring, which, depending on requirements, is also motor-assisted. Even without motor assistance, thanks to ingenious mechanics, optimum power deployment is achieved in the entire door swing area. This is necessary to move the door reliably to its end position against draft resistance, for example, and also complies with the norms and standards of current safety requirements.

The Gilgen FD20 is available to operate doors in sizes EN3 to EN7. The different spring forces required can be quickly and precisely adjusted on the spot using the special adjustment screw. In detail, this model also provides many other sophisticated features, allowing pre-defined door types to be quickly and easily adapted to local and country-specific circumstances.

One drive with four orientations

FD20 Full Power

The FD20 FULL POWER is the powerhouse swing door operator. Its adjustable spring force gives versatility, and can be adjusted on the spot, enabling a range of door sizes from EN3 to EN7 to be used. This enhances its flexibility, enabling it to take additional customer-specific settings.

Especially suitable for use in:

  • Retail Outlets
  • Airports
  • Administration
  • Restaurants and Hotels.


The FD20 LOW ENERGY is the ideal drive for environments where people move slowly and have limited reaction capacity, such as hospitals and nursing homes. With a protection rating IP40, which means the safety of people in swing area, even in the absence of additional safety sensors, is not compromised.

Especially suitable for use in:

  • Homes for elderly and disabled
  • Hospitals, clinics and retirement homes
  • Private homes and apartments

Special Benefits:

  • Thanks to its smooth, even movement, it lowers the inhibition threshold of slow reacting people
  • Additional safety sensors can be dispensed
  • Practically silent operation preserves the peace and quiet of living areas.


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