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Looking for a quality and reliable Automatic Door Solution? Trust in Access Entry

About Access Entry

Access Entry is focused on delivering leading automatic door solutions to the Australian market by providing quality products and great service.

Access Entry has been delivering automatic door solutions for the last 20 years and has gained a reputation for building quality, efficient, and safe operators that can be found in aged care, apartments, hospitals, banks, airports, retail and commercial buildings across Australia.

We are the Australian partner of Gilgen Door Systems from Switzerland. All of our operators are assembled and built in house to ensure the highest level of quality and safety combining Australian know-how with Swiss precision. Our new manufacturing facility, located in Carrum Downs Victoria, ensures prompt supply of operators and service department spare parts availability.

Our team of service technicians are fully qualified and trade certified to repair, service and install all of our Gilgen door operators, either during construction or post construction. We work closely with Architects, Designers and Developers to specify the appropriate solution for each project. We also support Aluminium Fabricators/Glaziers and Builders to ensure a positive outcome during the installation and commissioning phase.

Access Entry understands and recognises the importance of ongoing maintenance to ensure uninterrupted operation. In particular buildings and sites that have high volume traffic or where the entrance provides critical access to the building. Our service contracts are tailored to suit each client/ operator to ensure smooth uninterrupted operation and extended product life.

Although we have a presence in most states, we also partner with many local and regional service contractors to ensure prompt service can be delivered nationally around the clock.

As a team we are focused on delivering great service and reliable door opening solutions to the Australian market. - Experience the Access difference.

You can be confident that Access Entry will deliver your automatic door solution on time and on budget, with experience and technical support to ensure the success of your project.